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 Johannes 'Hans' Schnug (1709-1775) of Old 
Newton Township New Jersey


Johannes "Hans Schnug" first appears on church records in Dutchess NY in 1737 with the baptism of his son Wendel.
He and his wife Catherine Klie no doubt arrived in November 1736 as his sister, brother and mother are among the 'new' members of the Reformed Church in New York City.  
He is called 'Hans' on the Dutchess NY tax record in 1748.  Sometime between 1748 and 1753 Johannes and Catherine move their family to Sussex New Jersey.  The above photo reflects his 'mark' upon his last will and testament.

Johannes 'Hans' Schnug was born in Vielbach, Nordhofen Germany to Johan Matthias Schnug and Maria Magdalena Oster-Schnug.   His father Matthias died Feb 14, 1714.

The Children of 'Hans' and Catharina are as follows:


1.  JOHANNES (JOHN) bapt. 1735 recorded in
Nordhofen Church book 

2.  Matthias (Thiess)

3.  Wendel b.  1737.  no further info.*

4.  Catherine b. abt 1736.

5.  CASPARUS  Bapt.  1740 as recorded in Rhinebeck Flats Ref. Churchbook, NY, *

6.  JOHANN WILLIAM, Bapt.   Nov 14, 1742, recorded in Rhinebeck Flats Ref Churchbook NY, *

7.  JOHANN PETER, Bapt.   Aug 12, 1744, recorded in Rhinebeck Flats Ref Churchbook, NY, *

8.  JOHANN MARTIN Bapt.  1746, recorded in the Redhook Lutheran Churchbook, NY *


*  SOURCE:  Baptismal records of 'modern day' St Paul's (Zion) Lutheran Church, Redhook NY.


Johannes Schnuch Schnug was buried in the long forgotten but recently discovered "Germany Flats Cemetery" on County Rd 623 East of Newton New Jersey.  Catherine is buried there as well.

Johannes Schnug appears in the 'written record' in Dutchess County NY as early as 1737.   Little to nothing is known of Johannes and Catherine's life in Dutchess.   All of their children, with the exception of Johannes (as well as Catherine's children from a previous marriage/s),  are born there.  It appears that they spent about 12 years there.   It is not likely Hans was 'indentured' as Germans utilized the 'Redemption system' as opposed to the 'Indentured system'.  If he was a redemptioner, it is possible that his sponser was a man named Wendel Pulver.


Johannes Schnug is 'different' in many ways compared to other arriving Germans.   He can be traced back to Vilebach Germany as his point of origin, but nothing really ties him there concerning 'known' documentation.   He likely lived in the vicinity of Vielback, Nordhofen, Maxsain, Mogendorf etc., but his children are not sponsored by 'Schnug' family members.  He is either very independant and 'goes his own way' (very likely as we can see how his other children were baptized in Dutchess NY), or - perhaps he wasn't 'tied in' very tight with other Schnug's in the area. 


Johannes and family seem to 'fall off the radar' in Dutchess County New York between 1749 and 1753.  It is likely that his family moved to Sussex New Jersey during that period.   His sister moved to NYC with her husband 'Martin Wiedman' in 1747.    His mother Maria Magdalena Oster moved to NYC in 1747 as she is 'reflected' joining the Reformed Church there at that time. (SOURCE:  "More Palatine Families" by Hank Jones.) 


 It seems as if the whole family spent about 10 to 12 years in Dutchess before going separate ways.   Antonius, half brother brother of Hans, (.... and noted as 'born in sin' two years after the death of Oster's husband Mathias in German church records) remained in Dutchess, while his sister Anna Maria Schnug-Wiedman and Maria Mag Oster relocated to New York City in 1747.   I personally believe Johannes and family went to New Jersey in 1749.  

All I can say for sure is that the entire family was in Dutchess NY before moving to 'other parts' in 1747.  (It is interesting to note that Margaret Knopf married Henry Kause/Couse, who was nine years her junior.   Henry Couse relocated to Sussex New Jersey from Germany in 1749, at fourteen years of age.  He lived with an 'un-named' German family,  four years later, he was married to Margaret Knopf, daughter of "Catherine Knopf-Schnug, step daughter of Johannes Schnug.  


Is it possible that Couse actually lived on the Schnug farm?   Are the Schnug's the 'un-named' German family?   Couse would have been about 14 or 15 years old in 1749.  He quite possibly came with 'Henry Snook' (Henry Schmig) who also arrived September 1749.


Johannes' children appear in the written record of Newton, Sussex Co. NJ area circa 1760, notably 'Casper Snook'.  (Source:  Hank Jones) Many 'Palatines' settled in this area of New Jersey beginning about two decades earlier. 

Small 'mining' operations were noted in New Jersey on lands 'north' of Trenton as early as the 1740's.   The Snook's were one of these early family's and may have been involved with the early 'mining' of the region.  



(There is a Johannes Schnug who came in 1740, but he was 28 years old and settled in Pennsylania.  This 'Johannes' is a 'different' individual)
(There is a "Johannes Schook" (note last name spelling) who came to America in 1732 aboard the "John & William", but it is not clear 'who' this immigrant 'was'.... more research needs to be done.
What scant records exist in New Jersey reflect Hans Schnug as "John Snook" -  He is now "John Snook".  It is not clear if the 'John Snook' in the above document is "Hans Schnug", but.... there is an old family legend of an early 'Goss' building a road and paid in gold.... perhaps Hans Schnug participated in the same project, perhaps it IS he who is reflected in the above document as an overseer of highways.  Hans' son Peter marries Maria Goss after the death of his first wife Keturah Lash.  Maria Goss' father was certainly known by Hans.  It is possible and even likely that these two men knew each other.  It is my belief that "Peter Gafs" who dies in Sussex NJ in 1769 was the grandfather of Maria Goss.  Maria was likely the daughter of George Gafs (Goss), the eldest son of Peter Gafs who died in 1769. 

The Snooks of Snyder & Union Counties PA are married into and related to the Goss family..... and visa vera!   I suppose my last name could have been 'Goss' as well as 'Snook'.   These Goss/Snook inter-marriages go on for generations stretching over a century.  

Hans Schnug Family of Sussex New Jersey Including Step Children and Inlaws


Age to


 Age at arrival in

Sussex NJ





Age at


 Johannes Schnug Sr
 65 yrs old 
 Catherine Klee
 d. abt 1779
 74 yrs old
 Margaret Knauf
  87 yrs old
 Johannes Knauf
 67 yrs old
 Johannes Schnug Jr
 d. unk
 Henry Kauss
 Catherine Schnug
 d. unk
 Wendel Schnug
 d. unk
 Matthias Schnug
 d. unk
  1790 *
 Casparus Schnug
  77 yrs old
 Wilhelm Schnug
  70 yrs old
 Peter Schnug
  74 yrs old
 Martin Schnug
  64 yrs old
The long lost grave of Johannes Schnug, found Aug 2014 by Sharon Spangenburg in the old forgotten 'Germany Flats Cemetery'.
Other 'very' early graves of Sussex NJ earliest settlers were also found in here.  The earliest tombstone was dated 1728, making Germany Flats Cemetery one of the earliest (if not 'the' earliest) known pioneer cemetery in the region.   Other Snook family members are buried here.  Catherine Schnug's (a.k.a. Julianna Catharina Klie) tombstone was found in 2018.     The stones are all rough hewn.    Approximately 200 + stones were found, however only
33 have inscriptions.

Timeline For This Schnug Family

1736                            Maria Mag Oster, Joh. Antony & Anna Maria Schnuch join NYC Ref Church. Nov 1736.   Maria joins as ‘widow of “Nicolas” Schnuch.  Johannes "Hans" is no doubt in America and very likely came aboard the same ship.  He seems to have immediately gone to Dutchess County NY upon arrival, namely Rhinebeck NY, while his mother Maria Mag, brother 'Tunis' (Antonius) and sister Maria began American life in New York City.  Hans and Catherine have a daughter under 1 year old when they embarked on the voyage to America.  Nothing is known of her.   Hans and Catherine have a child "Wendel in 1737 in Dutchess NY confirming that their arrival was in 1736. 


1737                            "Wendel", Child of Johannes Schnuch & Julianna Catharina Klie is born in Dutchess County NY.

1744                           Maria Mag Oster seems to possibly be living in Dutchess NY as she is a sponser for "Peter Schnug", her grandson.  Johannes Schnug "the elder" (another man of the same name as our subject, but about 20 years older) arrived in New York City in the 1720's, he too is found in Dutchess NY during the same time frame as the other Schnug's.  How he is related is not clear.  He is a contemporary of Maria Mag Oster and William  Schnug (of East Amwell New Jersey).


1747                            Maria Mag Oster (again) joins NYC Ref Church, this time as widow of Johan Tysee Schnuch.  (Indicating to me that she had lived in Dutchess NY before moving back the New York City.


1748                           "Hans Schnog" last appears on Dutchess NY tax lists


1749                       Henry Couse arrives in Sussex and lives with a ‘German’ family.  (Source:  “History of Sussex and Warren Counties New Jersey”)


                                    BUD- NOTE:    “Johannes Schnuch" and family ‘may’ have settled in the Newton/Germany Flats area as early as 1749.   Henry Bale is recorded to have been the ‘first’ Settler at “Lafayette” NJ in about 1750.  Neither year concerning either family’s ‘initial settlement’ is ‘clear’, but “1750” seems to be the ‘tightest’ timeframe of the first settlers in the Germany Flats (Newton NJ) area.  There can be no doubt that the Johannes Schnuch / Snook family was in Newton, Sussex County NJ by 1753, as that is when the year 18 year old Henry Couse married the 26 year old Margaret Knauf, - daughter of Catherine Schnug and stepdaughter of Hans Schnug.    It is my personal opinion that Schnug and family were in the Newton NJ environs in 1749.



1753                       Henry Couse marries  “Hans Schnug's stepdaughter Margaret Knauf.  Margaret Knauf is nine years his senior.  They marry for life and are buried together. 


Johannes ‘the elder’ dies in NYC in 1753.  Johannes Schnug 'the elder' was married to Conradina Manderbach.   He later married 'Schweitzer'.  Johannes 'the elder' came to America circa 1722 along with William Schnug (of East Amwell NJ) and Henry Schnug (of Harlingen NJ and then Maryland).  It appears that Johannes Schnug 'the elder' was the new world 'contact'/relative for the family of widow Maria Magdalena Oster.


1756                       Henry Couse and Margaret Knauf are living on the “Shaler” farm between Andover & Sparta.  (Source:  “History of Sussex and Warren co. NJ”)


 1759                       Henry Couse settles in Frankford.  (Source:  “History of Sussex and Warren co. NJ”)  Both Henry Couse and wife Margaret are buried in Frankford Plains Cemetery in Sussex NJ.  The grave of Margaret Knauf Couse was the ONLY surviving evidence that exists concerning ‘our’ immigrant Snook branch.   (In Aug. of 2014, Sharon Spangenberg 'found' the tombstone of Johannes Schnug in the long forgotten "Germany Flats Cemetery" in Sussex NJ)    There are other Snook family members buried in Frankford Plains Cemetery.   They were buried there in the late 1700s and their relationship to ‘our’ Snook branch is not clear…. However,  to me, it is very doubtful they ‘were not’ related.


1760           Casper and Henry Snook are ‘recorded’ as living in “Newton”.  (Source:  Allen Jones)


BUD – NOTE:  Newton Twp is much smaller now then it was in 1760.  The ‘Snook family’ very likely lived in ‘Germany Flats’, the lands beginning approx.. 1 mile east of Newton and extending east northeast for a couple perhaps three miles.   Before 1797 if one lived at Germany Flats – he/she would have lived at “Newton”, and likewise, if one lived in modern day Frankford Plains, or Lafayette, they would have lived at “Newton”, -  kind of an ‘all encompassing’ name for the entire area. 


1763                       William Snook of Frankford dies.  His relationship to/with the Johannes Schnug family is unclear.  He ‘could’ be the ‘William that is recorded in “More Palatine Families” by Henry Z. Jones on page 256 where it states “There was a Wilhelm Schnug, s/o Joh. Theiss Schnug from Mogendorf, who married 15 Jan 1722 Elisabetha Catharina, d/o the late hon. Joh. Peter Stroder from  Quirrenbach at Nordhofen; however, Stroder sp. In bpts. Of the children of this family remained in the village until at least the mid-1730s.” 

It is possible that William came in 1736, but there is no evidence of it.  He married a “Stroder” and Julianna Catharina Klie, wife of Johannes Schnug (b. 1709) seemed to be related to the Stroder family in Germany.   Hank Jones suggests the possibility of Junlianna Catharina Schnug may have been step daughter to a “Stroder”. 



    John, Philip and Henry were ‘known’ sons of William Snook of Frankford Plains NJ.       John and Philip were born in the 1720s. 


1765           Mathias Snook is living on 165 Acres by “Yost” on the “Allen Tract” (A few miles North of Stanhope). (Source:  Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey) The tract was listed ‘for sale’, - tenant farmers were residing on most of the tract, with Yost and Snook being two of them.


1767           John Snook and John “Conave” made inventory for “Dureberry” (119S) Others on this   ‘estate’ action are;  Peter Corcelius, Japeth Byram, John Hockenberry, Peter Space.


1768           Adam Snook marries Mary Countryman.  (Source: New Jersey Archives)

                        "John Snook" is Naturlized.  Is this Johannes Schnug?  It 'could be' his son Johannes "Jr" though.  John Lanterman is naturalized the same day, but this was John Lanterman "Sr" suggesting that 'John Snook' is actually Johannes Schnug 1709-1775.


1769           John Snook & John Knauf are witnesses on will of Peter Gass (Coss).  No way of knowing if "John Snook" is "Sr" or "Jr" .....


1770                Mathias Snook’s “trespassing” case heard before the New Jersey Supreme Court.   He loses his case.   Is this man the same  “Mathias Snuke” of Allegheny Maryland?     Maurice Snook, author of books concerning the ‘Snook Family of Maryland’ claims the “Mathias Snuke” of Maryland is NOT related to any of the other Snook’s in ‘his’ family line.     The ‘timelime’ seems to “suggest” that this particular “Mathias Snuke” may be the son of “Johannes 'Hans' Schnug” (1709-1775) of Sussex New Jersey.


1770           John Snook, son of Peter is born in Newton and baptized by “Rev Dellinger”  (Dallicker).   Sponser’s were John & Elizabeth Snook.    Source:  John F. Snook, ‘history of the Snook family’ paper)


BUD NOTE:  Fredrick Dallicker/Dallacker was a German Reformed minister in Amwell NJ before being relieved of duties there in 1770.  Dallacker after traveled in the Newton region preaching the Word and conducting baptisms etc.  There doesn’t seem to be any churches in those parts at that time so, it is possible services were conducted in private homes or more likely - barns.


1773                       Philip Snook of Frankford dies.

1773, Nov. 5. Snook, Philip, of Newton, Sussex Co. Int. Adm'x —
Anne Snook, widow. Fellowbondsman — Philip Hoffman; both of said
place.   Philip is the son of William Snook who died in Frankford Plains in 1763.

Jan. 4. 1774 Inventory, £257.12.5, made by Daniel Predmore and
John Hinchman.


1774                       Adam Snook dies in “Black River” Hunterdon NJ.  (‘now’ Chester)

Oct. 20. Snooke, Adam, of Hunterdon Co., yeoman; will of.
Wife, Mary Snuke, £13. Eldest son, John, 10 shillings. Daughter,
Mary Hockenbury, my plantation, as the deed mentions; she paying
to my daughter. Eve Slater, £100, and to my son, John, £100, and to
Ula Brinkhoof, £50, when she is 18. Executors — friends, John Pen-
isher and Jacob Hann. Witnesses — Ludlum Salmon, Robert Cum-
mins, Jost Miller. Proved May 23, 1776. Probate to John Pisher
[Fisher ?] and Jacob Hann.


1775           Johannes Schnug dies in January.   He leaves a will.


1777           Peter Snook’s son “Peter Jr.” is born.  Family lore relates that the child’s mother was “Maria Goss”.   Family lore also relates that Peter was first married to Keturah Lash, and they had one ‘known’ child, John in 1770.   Whatever may have happened to Peter’s first wife is unkown.   She likely died between 1770 and 1776, but when and how are sadly lost to time and history. 


1780           Peter Snook is ‘witness’ on the will of Samuel Fordina (295S) of Newton along with Jonathon Dilly and “George Main”.   (see Peter’s Pennsylvania neighbors… ie;  the Fortunata family)


1781           A “Peter Snuk” is on a muster Roll in Northampton PA.  The “true” identity of this particular ‘Peter’ unfortunately remains ‘unkown’.  I personally DON'T believe this is Peter Snook 1744-1818, here's why..... there was another Peter Snook b. 1758 in Hunterdon NJ.  This particular Peter Snook served during the Revolutionary War and is VERY well documented.   He discharged before 1780, however careful examination of the muster list reveals two brother named 'Pollis' or something to that effect.... these are likely the "Bellis" Brothers from Hunterdon, in turn, likely making the "Peter Snuk" on the muster roll the younger 'Peter Snook' from Hunterdon.


1783                Peter Kleckner was one of the executors to Jacob Widener's estate:

1783 Feb. 27. Widenar, Jacob, will of, Newton, Sussex County. Admr's:
Mary Widenar, widow and Peter CLOCKNER. Fellowbondsmen: Martin Snook,
all of said place. Witness: Peter Kemble.

Note the “Kemble” name and ‘Martin Snook’.    The Kemble’s (Campbell) have long been associated with ‘our’ Snook’s all the way back to Nordhofen.

1783 Feb. 25. Inventory 118.3.0 made by Cornelius Flummerfelt and Peter

1784 Apr. 17. Account by Mary Widenar and Peter KLECKNER. Paid Conrad
Widenar 3.12.6, Paid Henry Widenar 0.12.9. Lib. 25, p. 256.; Lib. 26,
p. 528.


Marriages from the docket of Justice of the Peace “Daniel Predmore”.


Dec 4, 1784, Abraham Lash marries Marry Dodder.

Aug 17, 1787, John Lash marries Margit Snook.

Sep 2, 1788, Peter Lash marries Charity Snook.

May 12, William Snook (Caspers son) marries Mary Cummins.


(Snook and Lash marriages… giving credence to the story that Peter’s first wife was named ‘Lash’, as no records exist recording the banns of this marriage.)


1795               Willam Snook and Martin Snook, brothers of Peter Snook (1744-1818) relocate to Union County PA (Hartley Twp area).    Klecker/Cleckner family members, namely Johannes Kleckner (Klackner) - described as 'house doctor' - relocate in this timeframe as well and is a neighbor of William Snook.


1796           Aug 27, Peter Snook and Robert Mills conducted inventory on estate #745S.


1797           Mar 1, Peter Snook is fellowbondsman concerning the death of Daniel McCurdy.  John Holmes is also fellowbondsman, all are of Newton.


1797           Dec 16, Peter Snook and Torrence Rogers perform inventory on estate #755S.


1797           Dec 19, Peter Snook and Andrew Stickles are fellowbondsmen for estate of Zacariah Stickles, all of Newton.  (The Stickles name is also found in Rhinebeck Dutchess NY)


1797           Dec 27, Peter Snook and Richard Courson made inventory on estate #730S.


1797           Dec 28, Peter Snook and Richard Courson are fellowbondsmen on estate of Azariah Davis of Sussex County.


1797           Dec 31, Peter’s son John Snuk marries  Maria Mayne in Stillwater.


1798           Dec 7, Peter Snook and William Sausman made inventory on estate #795S.


1799           May 6, Casper Snook and Peter Kleckner are fellowbondsmen on estate of “John Knoff”, of Hardyston Twp., all of Sussex County.


1799           May 12, Peters’ cousin William marries Mary Cummins.



1799           Apr 10, Inventory made by Casper Snook and Peter Simmons on Estate #824S.