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Johan Peter Schnug a.k.a. Peter Snook of Old Andover New Jersey

Peter Snook 1744-1818 was not illiterate as many have believed.   His signature is seen in the image on the right as it appears on the Last Will & Testament of Samuel Fordina in 1780.  
Note:  Peter utilizes German alphabetical characters, namely 'old' Kurrent.   He also writes his name as "Peter Schnug".
Peter Snook served in the New Jersey Militia alongside the Continental Army against the British Army.   The records for New Jersey militia members are scant at best, as the militia didn't keep records like the Continental Army did.  
Many 'Snook researchers' believe that Peter Snook was in Northampton PA in 1780 under Capt. Greenmeyer, I do not believe that however.... here's why - On the list of names of those who served under Greenmeyer is also the name 'Pulis'.     There are two men with this name, I believe that these men are the 'Bellis' brothers, who lived in close proximity to and are related to Peter "W" Snook of Hunterdon NJ who was born in 1758.    
Other 'Snooks' living in the environs of Newton New Jersey who have served in the militia in Sussex New Jersey are;  Captain William Snook, and Captain Henry Snook.   Neither has been absolutely identified.   It is likely these men were 'older' because of the rank, and they are probably related.  
Capt. William Snook is brother of Peter, both sons of Johannes Schnug and Catherine Klie.    While there is NO direct evidence of Peter's Revolutionary War service,  I did however find 'third party information' in  letter drafted in 1852 regarding a soldier named "Hoones"Below:  
I believe the 'Captain Peter Snook' reflected in the image below in the 1852 'Hoones pension request letter', is indeed Peter Snook who was son of Johannes Schnug and Catherine Klie.   He was the 'only' "Peter Snook" living in Sussex County who would have been old enough to hold the rank of Captain at that time.   Below is an image of the 1852 "Hoones letter", stating that Peter Snook was a Captain in the New Jersey militia during the years 1777 and 1778.  
Other known Sussex County militia men were:   George Gaß, Abraham Gaß, Captain Conrad Gunderman, Captain William Snook, Captain Henry Snook, Captain Peter Snook, Peter Kemple, and John Couse to name a few.
Peter lived about one mile East of Newton village.   (....depicted in the image on the left  right of the 'large' "T")
This area  would have been called 'Old Andover' in times past and also marks the western fringes of "Germany Flats".
The recently re-discovered and rehabilitated Germany Flats Cemetery is located on the "J. Current" property located between 'G. Current' and 'J. Current' on the map to the left.  The cemetery is not far from the fork in the road.