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Some of The Home Sites of The Early Families of The
Andover / Germany Flats Settlement

I was surprised to see how close some of the Snook family members actually lived in relation to one another.... When reading Snell's "History of Sussex & Warren Counties", one gets the feeling they (Snook's) lived in various places, possibly great distances from one another, however when mapping it out, they lived very close to one another, sometimes within walking distance.    It is likely that they lived on those lands before the townships were created. 
The property with Purple/Green polka dots at the right of Germany Flats Cemetery depicted in the map above was the property of David C. Snook, grandson of Casper Snook.   It was a 'tenant farm' before he purchased it in 1838.   Could this farm be the original site of Johannes Schnug's farm?
It is interesting to note that the name George Mains appears on the deed as well.   The name of Mary Main (who married John Snook, son of Peter Snook who died in Beaver Springs PA) father and mother are unknown to researchers,  perhaps this is a clue.  The image on the left reflects the 1780 signatures/marks of George Mains and Peter Snook.  (Source:  Last Will & Testament of Samuel Fordina)
Peter Snook (1744-1818)  employed "old German Kurrent" alphabetical characters when signing his name.